We are often asked if the music we provide for business is screened for content. Are the lyrics safe? Have the curse words been taken out? Do you play explicit content?

More and more artists are including expletives in their lyrics than in the past decades. Great songs by popular artists can still have a word that isn’t appropriate in a public setting. Songs won’t get added to our system unless they are clean – no inappropriate language.


STEADYSTREAMSM is controlled from the comfort of your PC or smart phone. Simply use the provided link to change channels from anywhere.

You no longer need to worry about employees changing channels or volume. Since those things can only be changed via the link, you have zero worry of unapproved music channels playing. There are also “blended channels” that combine popular genres to please a wider range of customers and employees alike.


STEADYSTREAMSM has one of the higher sampling rates among business music sources. What does that mean for you? High fidelity music – all the time.

In combination with the music, custom messaging solutions are also available. Once created, these can be controlled from the comfort of your PC or smart phone. No on-site adjustments necessary.